empyrean character guide

I’ve done my best to avoid spoilers in this list. Each column is sortable by clicking on the arrows in the header row. You can also choose how many rows are on the page, and search the list. This list is by no means complete. If your favorite (or someone you’d like to know more about) isn’t here, shoot me an email and let me know.

NameDescriptionFirst Appearance
AbamoralesA female ghoul working as SET green team’s weapons specialist.
AdamAdam is a silvertip grizzly shifter and former tracker for SET. The hero of Born of Ashes.Born of Ashes
AeryneaA golden eagle shifter who is acting regent for all feathered supernaturals.Born of Ashes
AlexA female black bear shifter working as SET green team’s tracker. Rex is her twin.Born of Ashes
AmberA female human psychic who is able to communicate with animals and beasts. The heroine of Silver Born.Silver Born
ArabeyankaA harpy who is part of SET’s medical team.
AramintaHarpy who is Arathusa’s best friend.Born of Ashes
ArathusaPrincess of the harpies and the heroine of Born of Ashes.Born of Ashes
ArazoaQueen of the harpies and Arathusa’s adopted mother.Born of Ashes
ArimarA male elf who is part of SET’s medical team.
AulusPrince of Empyrean, a dragonkin held in captivity since he attempted a coup that resulted in hundreds of dragon deaths. Son of the King and Queen and brother of Drake. Paired with the male red dragon Xizer.Brimstone Born
AurekA male golden eagle shifter working as SET blue team’s tracker.Born of Ashes
BlinkThe Library’s chef, and caretaker to the librarians.Brimstone Born
BogWaheela attached to Rainn.Brimstone Born
BudazzleA male pixie working as SET green team’s tech specialist.
CedricMale and half-giant, he serves as SET red team’s enforcer.Brimstone Born
ClarensteiniaA female vampire undercover operative for SET.
DalzielA male gargoyle hired by Gwylyn as a bodyguard, currently the self-appointed guardian and protector of Eleri.Born of Ashes
DaneThe tracker for SET red team, a male werewolf who is mute.Brimstone Born
DeclanOne of two Canllaw for Diafol, Declan is a demon and Hell’s son. One of four brothers along with Atticus, Gunnar and Magnus. The hero of Brimstone Born.Brimstone Born
DelilahLarge riding tortoise who is slow as molasses but very gentle.
DrakeThe dragonkin paired with the red male dragon Korsit. Prince of Empyrean and son of the King and Queen. Drake is captain of SET.Brimstone Born
Draven BlaiddCoedwig Council Representative. Male werewolf who is Alpha of his pack. Rasp’s father.Silver Born
EleriA seer raised by Gwylyn, and protected by Dalziel. Gwylyn claims she is Aulus’ daughter, but that’s clearly not the case.Born of Ashes
FakirHell’s majordomo. A small, male opossum-resembling creature.Brimstone Born
FernFemale heather pixie of the Seelie court and an undercover operative for SET.Brimstone Born
Firth KenforThe merman For-forwyn Council Representative.
FritzA male giant hired by Gwylyn as a bodyguard. He is completely loyal to her.Born of Ashes
GrantHell’s cook, a human male warlock.Brimstone Born
Gwead FampirThe male vampire Pydredd Council Representative.
GwylynLeader of Terfysgol, a dragonkin in love with Aulus. Acting guardian of Eleri.Born of Ashes
Hell (real name Herman)Overseer and keeper of Uffern (Hell) and father of Declan.Brimstone Born
IclynThe female yeti Dynfarch Council Representative.Born of Ashes
JackA human male psychic working as SET blue team’s weapons specialist.
JonathanA male warlock working as SET red team’s tech specialist.Brimstone Born
KaliskaA witch who sometimes consults with SET. Drake sees her as a little sister. Nicholas served as her mentor. Along with Cat, she looks after Mr. Bassett.Brimstone Born
Kar’azuthA fire sprite.Born of Ashes
KingThe dragonkin King of Empyrean, he is paired with the female red dragon Marius.Brimstone Born
KitA guard at The Spire.Born of Ashes
KorsitRed, male dragon paired with Drake.Brimstone Born
Ladon GraddfaThe dragonkin Mynydd Council Representative.
LuxA female anura-coesau, Lux is the tech specialist for SET’s blue team.
MalSET red team’s acquisitions specialist, a male human telekenetic.Brimstone Born
MarleneA human witch and Declan’s housekeeper.Brimstone Born
MaxMale giant, one of the librarians.Brimstone Born
NamirA male djinn hired by Gwylyn as a bodyguard.Born of Ashes
QueenThe dragonkin queen of Empyrean, she is paired with the female red dragon Cyra.Brimstone Born
RainnFemale sorceress and the heroine of Brimstone Born.Brimstone Born
RaspA male werewolf and undercover operative of SET. Son of Draven Blaidd. Rasp is the hero of Silver Born.Silver Born
ReeveSET blue team’s acquisitions specialist, a female demon.
RexThe enforcer for SET’s green team, a male bear shifter. Alex is his twin sister.Born of Ashes
RivenWeapons specialist for SET’s red team, a witch specializing in fire magic.Brimstone Born
Sam DynolCastell Council Representative, a human female telepath.
SelenaHead of the Empyrean Coalition, a female high elf.Born of Ashes
SmootKaliska’s catBrimstone Born
TanwenOne of the queen’s aides, she is a dragonkin who remains unbonded with a pair.Born of Ashes
ThalassaDiafol Council Representative, a female demon.
UlimaA human female psychometrist.Born of Ashes
VarletA canllaw for diafol along with Declan, a female demon.Brimstone Born
William ValentineMale telekinetic, 2nd in command to Sam DynolBrimstone Born
WinkKaliska’s mongooseBrimstone Born
WinterEnforcer for SET’s blue team, s female elf.
WyattTracker for SET’s green team, a male psychic who can talk to and call forth ghosts.Born of Ashes
XizerMale red dragon, paired with Aulus.Born of Ashes
Zara TylwythMaes Council Representative, a female elf.
ZarinvielleArathusa’s birth mother.Born of Ashes