Rainn is bewildered.

A night out with friends ends with a two-foot-tall pixie smacking her, so it’s clear she’s not on earth.

At least not the one she knows.

Rainn soon learns she’s a sorceress. The first born in centuries. Something sought by both sides of an age-old struggle. One side wants the power—her—destroyed. The other wants to set it free and watch the world burn.

With a bear sized dog and a sexy demon she sets out to find the middle ground—

Without making (too many) catastrophic mistakes.

It’s time to leave the nest.

Arathusa knew this day would come, she just didn’t realize the impetus to leave her sheltered life in the harpy colony would be wrapped in the body of a very hot grizzly shifter who’s spent the last century as a recluse.

She has two missions.

Tasked with solving a disappearance for the royal family, she also desperately wants to solve her own mystery surrounding her identity—and her legacy.

Neither will be easy.

Dodging a yeti, fending off an eagle shifter who’d like her to disappear and battling crazy dragons all while navigating the world of men—

This will be complicated.