About Kenzie

Kenzie grew up in Bluff Park, a suburb of Birmingham, AL in a very improper Southern household. She now lives in a suburb Northeast of Atlanta, GA.

Although she’s moved from suburban area to suburban area, she’s far from “city folk.” Her heart (and Father’s side of the family) reside five miles down a dirt road in rural Alabama on land which has been in her family for generations.

Though interests have come and gone, four obsessions have been constant: horses, photography, reading, and writing.

Kenzie has always been a voracious reader. From Dr. Seuss she moved to Steven Cosgrove and from there to Judy Blume. It snowballed after that, with Kenzie reading everything from epic fantasy to old copies of National Geographic.

It wasn’t long before her imagination spilled out of other writers’ books and into her own stories. By junior high she had an impressive notebook collection of half-finished novels. In high school she discovered the Romance genre and had many book boyfriends she still remembers fondly.

Her love of kissy books continued when she moved to Mobile, AL to pursue Marine Biology at The University of South Alabama. After failing miserably at chemistry she switched majors and eventually completed an English degree. After graduation she found herself in the advertising world and worked as a graphic designer and marketing assistant.

Her second career as chief child wrangler (Mom) consumed most of her energy (creative and otherwise) until April 2017 when the characters in her head demanded their stories be told. She’s been writing ever since.